What if I won a jackpot?

For many people, winning the jackpot is a dream. Playing in an online casino, you have the chance of winning millions and millions, but the chances are obviously minimal and only a few lucky players ever get to taste the sweet scent of a progressive jackpot. However, it’s interesting to play with the thought of winning a massive jackpot (you can find several sites offering games with large jackpots at casinozx.com) – How would it change my life?

I have always been of the opinion that, in the end, it’s not money that will make you happy. With that said, I’m not meaning to imply that money is worthless, or of little meaning. Money, to an extent will buy us the freedom to do what we want which is important in life. But money will not be the underlying factor of our overall happiness. Therefore, it’s interesting to guess what would happen if you won a huge jackpot.

In fact, there are several articles about people, primarily in the United States, that have won a ridiculous amount of money, but have ended up much worse than they were before. Say for example, that you have a gambling problem. You are always betting money left and right and you can’t seem to stop doing it, no matter how hard you try. One day, your dreams come true, and you win 20 million dollars (which is what a norwegian student just did at a machine called Mega Fortune. Read more about it here) – enough money to last you several life times. You can finally stop playing, and just live life the way you’ve always dreamed of, right? Actually, no – at least not according to several news articles. Facts show that most gambling addicts who win big, manage to lose everything they’ve got in just a few years. See, a big win doesn’t mean that you are no longer a gambling addict. What ends up happening is that the winner continues to play, but with so much money in the bank, the bets he was playing before a too small to even make him a little bit excited. Thus he decides to raise the stakes massively in order to win even more. Well, with casino games being designed to always make the house win in the long run, what do you think ends up happening? The big winner loses everything eventually, and knowing that he had it all, and managed to lose it, he ends up very depressed.

Because of this reason, I don’t necessarily winning a progressive jackpot will make you that much happier. I mean, after all, you haven’t really earned the money. Money always feels best when you know that it is the result of hard work, and when you win in casino games you know that it’s just because of luck.

So in the end, I think the really, really big wins can be quite dangerous if they end up with the wrong kind of people. I think in general, I would be really happy winning a jackpot of like 2-30000 euros, as I could pay off my loans and maybe buy a car or something, whereas a 20.000.000 euro win would almost be scary – I wouldn’t even know what to do with all that money! When it comes to casino gaming, I think that the way to go is not to hope for the big wins, but rather enjoy the games for what they are – a really fun hobby to spend a few hours on!

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